Daily Lunch set

Daily Lunch Set $98
~ 日替わりランチ定食 ~

*All photos only for reference
June 5th Monday
Grilled Pork 香味焼豚肉
June 6th Tuesday
Cold Green Tea Soba and Assorted Sushi Rolls 緑茶蕎麥麵配雑錦壽司巻(冷)
June 7th Wednesday
Grilled Saury 塩焼秋刀魚
June 8th Thursday
Stewed Beef Tongue 日式燉牛脷
June 9th Friday
Stir-fried Eggplant with Miso 日式味噌茄子
*Set includes Salad and ice cream.
*Available for lunch, Mon~Fri (Exc. Sat,Sun&PH)