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Enjoy the best flavors of the season


Monthly specials from all over Japan presented by flavor-enhancing cooking method. 

Photo:Fresh Salted Salmon Roe, Softly Simmered White Whelk, Sauteed Butter Mushrooms, Grilled Fresh Sanma, Saury

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日語及日本文化講座in Cantonese

★十月份課程  實用旅遊日語之二:購物篇(共四課)

日間 2018年10月4,11,18及25日(逢星期四) 14:30-16:00

★十一月份課程  實用旅遊日語之三:交通、住宿篇(共四課)

日間 2018年11月8,15,22及29日(逢星期四)14:30-16:00

*講師:孟金瑤 女士 Ms. Karen Meng




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>   Restaurant closed-Typhoon Signal No.8

If the Hong Kong Observatory keeps or announces to hoist Typhoon signal No.8 at 9:00am, Club restaurants will be closed for lunch. If the Observatory keeps or announces to hoist Typhoon signal No.8 at or after 15:00, the restaurants will be closed for dinner.

Kindly be noted that Restaurant Booking Hotline will also be closed under Signal No.8.

>   Fitness First Privilege

Pleased to announce new privilege with "Fitness First", has a new center in Tower535. To see special plan, click HERE For more details about how to join them, kindly contact "Fitness First" directly at 3106-3268.

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